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Professional Services

Strategic Planning

Montage Systems provides a range of high level consulting services that address the planning and analysis requirements of organisations.

The key to our success lies in :- Montage is not aligned to particular vendors products - we always try to choose the best and most appropriate Commercial Off The Shelf products if available - if no appropriate products exist then we recommend building them. And at Montage, we usually have the skills to do that in house.

Health Informatics

Montage Systems has a strong commitment to improving people's access to quality health information at all levels. This includes those suffering from illness as well as those with professional involvement in the provision of health services to the community.

Montage promotes the use of Open Source Software in an effort to ensure that there is the broadest opportunity for contributors and to improve the performance, accuracy, functionality and reliability of health information systems. In Janurary 2000, Montage Systems developed and began hosting HealthBase Australia - an online database of Australian health internet sites at www.healthbase.info. Montage's staff have played pivotal roles in helping to establish targeted online health resources such as those for Cancer Voices South Australia at www.cancervoicessa.org.au, Loss & Grief at www.grieflink.asn.au, the Identifying Depression as a Comorbid Condition project at idacc.healthbase.info and Workflow in Healthcare at workflow.healthbase.info.

Montage has also been involved in Open Source projects related to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Clincial Information Systems (CIS).

Application Design & Development

Montage Systems is able to bring innovative technology to application development projects without compromising standards of maintainability and interoperability. Our staff are well versed in technologies such as Java, C++, XML, Perl, Linux, Object-oriented design, databases, TCP/IP, OpenGL, servlets and a host of others.

Montage is not aligned with particular hardware or software vendors, and as such are able to design and build systems with best-of-breed components or to build components where specific interfaces or functionality are required. Requirements, functional specifications, user manuals, support documentation are all produced to high standards of usability and presentation.


One customer's requirements are never the same as the next. Montage understands this and will always spend the time to determine the individual needs and aspirations of an organisation or group. Montage Systems can provide the following services at affordable prices, but with a quality rarely attained from large and expensive firms:-

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