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Curriculum Vitae of Eric Browne

Academic Qualifications
1975 Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Communications), University of Sydney
2005 PhD (Computer Science) - Workflow Modelling of Coordinated Inter-Health-Provider Care Plans, University of South Australia


Professional Affiliations
  Member of the openEHR Foundation’s Architecture Review Board
  Member of Health Informatics Society of Australia
  Member of HL7 Australia
  Member of Association of Computing Machinery


Professional Experience
Oct. 2002- Informatics Consultant, national Clinical Information Program
Oct. 1999- Montage Systems Pty. Ltd. - Managing Director
1997-1999 Camtech (SA) Pty. Ltd. - Chief Technology Officer
1995-1996 Communica Systems - Principal Consultant
1991-1995 University of Cambridge (UK) - I.T. Manager, Earth Sciences
1984-1990 University of Adelaide - Departmental Engineer, Mechanical Engineering
1981-1984 Flinders University - Senior Technician, Psychology
1978-1980 University of Adelaide - Professional Officer, Physiology
1975-1977 Telecom Australia - Engineer


Personal Qualities

Eric has over 20 years experience in the IT industry with excellent understanding of the issues facing the academic, public and private sectors. He has always brought his considerable technical, creative and managerial skills together to solve problems competently and efficiently. Eric thrives on complex, innovative projects where his analytical ability and unparalleled lateral thinking skills can be utilised. Eric has always displayed a commitment to providing quality solutions. He works very well in a team environment and is always willing to share in the tasks for which he has skills that can be utilised.


Major Projects
Telephone exchange project management system
Muscle Fibre recruitment analysis
Speech hemisphere determination projects
Movement Response Time analysis
Computing Infrastructure Planning & Management
Geophysical Visualization Laboratory
Technology Specialist - 1994 British-Russian Deep Sea Expedition to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Engineering Laboratory Management (Acoustics, Fluid Dynamics, CAD/CAM, Combustion, Manufacturing)
Internet & Ecommerce Application Development
IT Training - Unix, Linux, Networking, Oracle, 3D Graphics etc.
Strategic Planning
Information Technology Research & Development
Workflow Management Systems Research & Application Development
Health Informatics Modelling & Consulting
Violin making


Skills Summary
Management: Human Resources:- Staff selection; Staff Appraisals; Staff Management
  Finance:- Budgeting; Business Planning; Accounting
Business Processes:- Strategic Planning; Workflow analysis; Workshop Facilitation; Documentation
Company Management:- Risk Management
Communication: Written:- Reports; User Guides; Technical Writing; Courseware production; Framemaker
Oral: Seminars; Conferences: Training; Lecturing; Workshops; Consultations
Technical: Operating Systems:- SunOS/Solaris ; HP-UX; Linux; IRIX: FreeBSD; VMS; MS Windows; MacOS
Languages: Assembler; C/C++: Java; Perl; Python; XML; SQL; Oracle PL/SQL; OpenGL; Performer
Databases: Oracle 7,8,8i; MySQL; PostgreSQL; Filemaker Pro
Other Packages: Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Photoshop; Adobe Pagemaker; Adobe Framemaker; Iris Performer; GIMP; AVS (3D visualization)
Other: Psychologically, Eric is classified as INTJ by the Myer-Briggs Method